1. Carer’s Assessments

A Carer’s Assessment is your chance to discuss how your caring role is affecting your own life.

An assessment is a good way find out about which support and services will be most helpful to you and to the person you care for.

We want to help you to maintain your own health and wellbeing whilst you support the person you care for.

For more information and advice contact Sally or Levi on 0300 303 0201 or check the GOV.UK website page:Getting a Carers Assessment

2. Preparing to leave hospital

People and their carers often worry about how they will manage when they return home, after a stay in hospital. You won’t be alone in thinking this through. Hospital staff and social care staff will be available to discuss the support available.

See the NHS.UK website: Arranging care before you leave hospital

3. Benefits for carers

If you’re an unpaid carer there may be financial support to help you.

Call us and we can refer you to our benefits advisor who will be able to help with your application. See our website with full details about benefits for carers.

Find out what benefits are available for carers and how to apply.

4. We can support you to improve your overall wellbeing

The coronavirus pandemic and the national lockdown are having an affect on our mental health.

Throughout the pandemic, we have had to learn how to cope with new and changing situations.

It is important that we take things at our own pace and be kind to ourselves.

Some days we may feel fine and other days we may not, but remember, it is important to look after our mental health during this time.

Carers Central have compiled a useful list of local organisations and support groups that can help with your wellbeing on their page: Improve your wellbeing.

5. Blue badge applications

Book a telephone appointment.

We can help you fill out a blue badge application online, which is sent to the council. You will need the following information to accompany the application:

• National Insurance number
• Existing blue badge if you have one
• List of medications or copy of prescriptions
• Contact details of doctors, consultants and other medical specialists
• Driving licence (if a driver)
• Proof of identification (driving licence or passport or birth certificate)
• Proof of residency (council tax, driving licence or benefit letter)
• Other accompanying medical letters, reports or documentation you wish to include to support your claim
• Two passport size photos

We do not guarantee your application will be successful.

Please call Sally on 0300 303 0201 to book an appointment.

6. Help to complete benefit forms

This service offers information and advice about disability benefits, including benefits checks, assistance with form filling, support with appeals and preparation for tribunal.

Our experienced benefits adviser can help you complete the following forms:

  • Carers allowance (CA)
  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – for both children and adults
  • Employment Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Attendance allowance (AA)
  • Personal Independence Payments (PIPs)

To make an appointment please call 01582 470 970.

7. Wheelchair hire

If you are in need of a wheelchair and would like to hire one for a short time, then The Disability Resource Centre are there for you.

We are now reopening our wheelchair hire service. Contact our advice team to discuss your needs and to arrange your wheelchair hire.

You can alsovisit our website for more information about wheelchair hire.

8. Free skills training for unpaid carers

TheCare Academy is our service that provides different workshops for Personal Assistants, carers and their employers.

We are currently running the workshops online.

Our free workshops are designed to support people within areas such as mental health Awareness, managing your emotions and communication, just to name a few.

They are free for Personal Assistants who are employed by someone who receives a Direct Payment. Also unpaid carers or someone who is aspiring to work within this role can also join for free.

9. Wellbeing Matters free training

  • Achieve a healthy life balance
  • Find opportunities for lifestyle changes
  • Recognise the importance of relaxation
  • Explore fears and barriers
  • Produce a wellbeing action plan

See our website for full details of our free Wellbeing Matters programme.

10. Our free Support into Employment programme for carers

We know and understand how difficult it can be to find work if you are a carer. You may struggle to find paid employment that fits around your caring commitments.

It may have been difficult for you to find some time in your week to focus on you and your wellbeing.

We want to work with you to design a plan that will incorporate a unique and free support package tailored just for you.

We will explore how you learn, your strengths and where you can develop further. We will explore your hopes and ambitions, suggesting ways to reach your goals.

If you are an unpaid carer living in Luton or Central Bedfordshire then you could eligible to join our free support programme.

See our website for full details of this new programme designed for carers, including our new and free online courses.


Sally and Levi are here to help

Please contact us if you would like to speak to Sally and Levi from our carer support team, for free and confidential assistance with benefits for carers. We help unpaid carers with advice and support on many topics including checking you are claiming the right benefits and help with benefits form filling e.g. Carers Allowance, Personal Independence Payments and Attendance Allowance.