Getting Help & Support

It is worthwhile considering if you are getting the support that you need to help you in your caring role. Also consider other areas of your life that would benefit with some improvement so that you can cope with the exertions of caring. For instance, are you getting enough sleep, time to do the things you want, is there too much stress or pressure, can you can cope etc?

the offer of help is available

Help is at hand

Caring for someone can be very difficult – there are many aspects to deal with. Some carers may find certain elements of caring difficult whereas others find it simply coping with the volume and amount of tasks they need to undertake difficult.

Many carers may have their own health or personal problems which can make caring even more challenging. These problems can limit the amount of support carers are able to give.

It can be especially difficult when the condition of the person you are caring for gets worse and at times where you find it hard to balance work, other commitments and being able to have your own life.

These problems are not unique even though they may sometimes feel that way. By contacting and making use of the services available to you as a carer, it is possible to get the support both you, and the person you care for, require when you need them.

Help from Social Services

As well as getting help for yourself as a carer, you may need to ensure that the needs of the person you care are also getting all the help that they can.

The person you care for may be entitled to an assessment of their social care based on national eligibility criteria needs by Luton Borough Council’s adult social services. This assessment looks at different aspects of the care they need and will result in either the provision of care services, an entitlement to Direct Payments or information and advice on how to best manage their individual care needs.

If the person you care for is assessed as needing the provision of care services they may be offered some help. This could be provided by paid carers and is normally to help with specific tasks such as:

  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Making meals
  • Taking medication

Alternatively the person you care for may be offered a service to help them meet people and go out to social activities such as clubs or day centres. If the person you care for wishes to use these services there may be a financial assessment. This will determine how much the person you care for has to contribute towards the cost of their care.

The person you care for may also be able to receive other services and help from Luton Borough Council. To request an assessment for the person that you care for, e-mail or call the Customer Service centre on 01582 547659 or 01582 547660.