Carers Breaks

Having a break and taking time out to read a newspaperIt is very important that carers are able to take time to look after themselves. Taking a short break from caring every now and then should never be seen as neglecting the person you care for or not taking caring seriously. Taking some time out to ‘recharge the batteries’ is the most sensible and sustainable way of caring and it is important for a carer’s wellbeing that they are able to have some space for themselves, see friends and family and have the time to manage everything else going on in their lives.

Luton Borough Council can provide various forms of support in order to give carers a break such as:

  • Home Care — a carer comes into the home of the person you care for and completes specific caring tasks
  • Sitting service — someone comes into the home of the person you care for, for up to four hours a week, to allow you to go out. This service is only available where the person you care for cannot be left at home for safety reasons.
  • Carers Break — when the person you care for is looked after in a care home setting.
  • The possibility of a break when the person you care for is at another activity such as a day service.

All the above services can be accessed from Social Services. They are subject to an assessment of eligibility. Contact the Customer Service Centre on 01582 546000.
For people who are not eligible for this support from social services or want to make their own arrangements, there are several public and voluntary bodies which are able to offer different forms of ‘short breaks.’