Direct Payments

Direct PaymentsPound coins are a way of receiving a Personal Budget. It may be possible for Luton Borough Council to make Direct Payments to a carer or to the person you care for which can then be used to purchase the care they need. To be eligible for direct payments the person you care for needs to be receiving an existing social service package or have been assessed as needing a package of care (though care is currently not in place).

If the person you care for has not had an assessment you can contact Luton Borough Council’s Customer Service Centre on 01582 547659 or 547660.

If you are eligible for Direct Payments you, or the person you care for, will have the opportunity to spend the money you are entitled to on the services which you think best meet your social care needs. This gives people more choice and control over their own lives. The amount of money given is different depending on the unique needs of the person you care for. You, or the person you care for, will have to manage the administration of this money. The Disability Resource Centre (01582 470900) are able to offer support with this and all other aspects of direct payments.