Keeping Safe

Stay Safe - people holding hands in a circleThe welfare of the person you care for is paramount, as is your welfare. Both you and the person you care for should be treated respectfully by each other and everybody who works with you. This includes being listened to and not placed in a position where either of you are forced to do anything you are not comfortable doing or which impedes on your dignity.

You may find that the situation amounts to abuse – there are a number of types, not just the obvious ones and all are important to recognise and deal with. They include the following:

  • Physical – being hit or injured on purpose
  • Sexual – involvement in an unwanted sexual activity or one that is not understood
  • Neglect – not providing food, heating, attention, care or clothing
  • Emotional – the use of threats, fears or bribes which case distress.
  • Financial – the theft or misuse of money, property or personal possessions

If you find that you are being put in a difficult position or mistreated you should discuss it with those involved in your care or, if you feel strongly, make a formal complaint. The council, health services and all care providers are obliged to have formal complaints procedures.

In addition, Luton Borough Council’s Safeguarding team can discuss these concerns with you and in partnership with the police where appropriate, investigate these matters. Measures can be put in place to stop the abuse and safeguard you or the person you care for and so protect you from future harm.

If you suspect abuse is occurring or have any concerns please contact Adult Social Care on 01582 547730, 01582 547563 or e-mail: