Who we are

Carers Central is a free service provided by The Disability Resource Centre. 

The service is completely free and dedicated to unpaid carers living or caring for someone in Luton.

The service provides advice and information for carers, derived from the knowledge and experience of working with all the existing local services; Luton GP practices, the Carers Partnership Board in Luton and many operational partners like Mind BLMK, Deafblind UK, LutonSENDIAS, Autism Bedfordshire, Luton All Women’s Centre, Headway Luton and many more. See our partners page for full details.

Thanks to funding by Luton Council the service provides practical support to a great number of carers in Luton.

Caring for carers through the pandemic

The Disability Resource Centre is an independent organisation and a registered charity, that has disabled people and carers at the centre of its decision making.

We are proud to be a Disability Confident Leader

Why we are here

Approximately 9% of the population of Luton have caring responsibilities – that is over 18,000 people of all ages caring for others of all ages.

Luton Council and Luton Clinical Commissioning Group recognised the crucial role that carers play in the lives of those they care for. Luton Council worked with carers, voluntary and statutory sector partners to refresh the strategic plan for carers in the town.

Carers Central is a hub that enables adult carers to have the information, advice and support they need to have a life of their own, alongside their caring roles.

Carers Central is a network of partners and peers led by The Disability Resource Centre whose aim it is to empower carers to:

  • care effectively and safely
  • look after their own health and well-being
  • fulfil their education and employment potential
  • have a life of their own alongside caring responsibilities
  • achieve the outcomes that matter to them as an individual

Trained advisors are at the end of a phone on 0300 303 0201 and provide carers with accurate, up-to-date information in a range of formats, and can suggest lots of other sources of support.

They help carers to find the help they need, near to them. This can be anything from arranging an assessment with the local authority to respite care or courses for emotional resilience, workshops, or wellbeing groups.

We make a real difference to carers, including those who may be:
• New carers
• Carers in distress
• Carers who cease care responsibility
• Carers with changing circumstances
• Carers who need advocacy
• The families of carers

Carers Central is a service completely dedicated to unpaid carers living or caring for someone in Luton.

We make full use of existing local services to develop an integrated, holistic support system to carers, and will add additional partners to our network including Luton GP practices. We also work in close conjunction with the Carers Partnership Board in Luton.

Please call us on 0300 303 0201.

We are a member of the Luton Carers Network.

Funding by Luton Council enables us to provide information and practical support to a great number of carers in Luton.

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We are here to help unpaid carers across Luton

We are open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10am to 4pm, and on Tuesdays from 10am to 7pm.

Call: 0300 303 0201

Email: carerscentral@drcbeds.org.uk

We are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Photos from our recent carers event

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Are you an unpaid carer?

A carer is someone who looks after a relative or friend who, because of age, mental health, physical or other disability, cannot manage at home without help. Even if you receive Carer’s Allowance for your caring role, you are still classed as an unpaid carer.

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Download your copy of the Luton Carers’ Handbook

We just updated the free Luton Carers’ Handbook. It’s full of important information and useful tips including: Carer’s assessments, respite breaks for carers, benefits and money, employment support, end of life care, information on medications and health conditions, useful local and national contacts plus a handy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers section…

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32 ways to improve your wellbeing

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