Technology and carers

How technology is helping carers

Carers’ stories

We’ve found some excellent case studies on the Carers UK website telling the stories of carers and how they have been using some new technology.

Read how these technologies are helping; such as an automated pill dispenser, a bedtime monitor, personal alarms and more.

What can technology do for you?

Download the Carers UK practical guide to how technology can assist you in your caring role.

Everyday technology

The Carers UK website has some useful ideas on their ‘everyday’ technology page including how technology can help with:

  • Get your shopping done
  • Manage finances online
  • Deal with the doctors and get your patient record online
  • Get calendar wise
  • Bring the family closer
  • Connect with other carers
  • Online training
  • Get some gizmos and gadgets

Who We Are

Carers Central is a completely free and dedicated service available to unpaid carers living or caring for someone in Luton.

We give carers advice, information and help that is derived from our knowledge and experience of working with all the existing local services, Luton GP practices, the Carers Partnership Board in Luton and our additional partners.

Thanks to funding by Luton Council we are able to provide information and practical support to a great number of carers in Luton.

For practical support for carers please call us on 0300 303 0201 or send us an email.

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We are here to help unpaid carers across Luton

We are open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10am to 4pm, and on Tuesdays from 10am to 7pm.

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Instant help 

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Carer’s breaks

You may be able to receive some help that enables you to take some time out from your caring responsibilities…

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Are you an unpaid carer?

A carer is someone who looks after a relative or friend who, because of age, mental health, physical or other disability, cannot manage at home without help. Even if you receive Carer’s Allowance for your caring role, you are still classed as an unpaid carer.

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Help to get a Blue Badge

A Blue Badge for disabled parking If you feel the person you are caring for could benefit from a Blue Badge to help with disabled parking they can apply (or you can apply for them as their carer) via their local authority’s website. Who is entitled to a blue badge? You may be able to

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