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Carers Central is here to help the 19,000 unpaid carers in Luton

Carers Central is a hub that enables adult carers to have the information, advice and support they need to have a life of their own, alongside their caring roles. 

Carers Central is a free service provided by The Disability Resource Centre funded by Luton Council.

Opening hours

We are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Call 0300 303 0201


Emergency help

If you need help in an emergency then there are many local and national services available

See emergency hotline phone numbers for carers in Luton.

Latest news

Are you an unpaid carer?

A carer is someone who looks after a relative or friend who, because of age, mental health, physical or other disability, cannot manage at home without help. Even if you receive Carer’s Allowance for your caring role, you are still classed as an unpaid carer.

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32 ways to improve your wellbeing

There are lots of ways to help improve your overall wellbeing as a carer. Here we have compiled some local organisations and support groups that can help with your wellbeing, as well as some nationally available services, phone apps and useful websites.

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The Carers Central team are busy helping unpaid carers in Luton, every week of the year

Read this small selection of the ways we’ve recently been helping carers in Luton:

We helped a carer get a wheelchair for her dad

We supported a carer to have more control over their caring role and improved communication with mental health services

We helped a carer get a repeat prescription for their cared-for person and to access a local counselling service

We supported a carer to join Yoga classes and they now also attend our weekly carers coffee morning with other local carers

We helped a carer fill in the forms to claim Attendance Allowance and Carers Allowance

We helped a carer set-up a Needs Assessment and Carers Assessment with Luton Council. This was conducted over the phone and they received the specific equipment needed for their cared-for person

We referred a carer to Total Wellbeing Luton for talking therapy. The carer was supported to start online exercise classes. We have started to call this carer every month to check how they are doing, as part of our welfare phone calls to local carers that need regular support

We helped a carer to apply for Attendance Allowance and a Blue Badge. We also supported them with a referral to Luton Council Adult Social Services to conduct a Needs Assessment

We supported a carer to create a wellbeing action plan and have now started weekly welfare calls to the carer, to check their progress and help with any issues

We referred a carer to Age Concern to organise help with house cleaning and to Morrison’s for their Doorstep Delivery service. We also supported the carer to talk to their GP about mental health issues and helped them organise a key safe to be installed and a weekly sitting service to be set-up

We helped a carer to request a risk assessment for their cared-for person and talking therapy support. We then helped them obtain a Carer’s Assessment to look at their own wellbeing needs

Free handbook and newsletters for unpaid carers in Luton

Download your copy of the Luton Carers’ Handbook

We just updated the free Luton Carers’ Handbook. It’s full of important information and useful tips including: Carer’s assessments, respite breaks for carers, benefits and money, employment support, end of life care, information on medications and health conditions, useful local and national contacts plus a handy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers section…

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Subscribe to our popular newsletter for unpaid carers in Luton. It’s full of practical information and all the latest local events in the area that are free to attend.

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Services for unpaid carers at The Disability Resource Centre

Carers Central is a free service provided by The Disability Resource Centre funded by Luton Council in partnership with NHS Luton Clinical Commissioning Group.

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