The local radio crew, from BBC Three Counties Radio, interviewed some attendees and here is what they said:

Katie, who cares for her Mum and her son said “It’s brilliant to hear about all the things available for carers and parents. It’s been amazing to know that you can go on courses and get advice and support, with most of it being free. And also with the counselling you can access it a lot quicker than you would if you go to your GP”.

Levi, a carer support worker at The Disability Resource Centre said ”In Luton we have about 20 to 30 carers organisations that provide services to carers. And what we try to do his hook up carers with these organisations to ensure their needs are being met…. You can drop in at The Disability Resource Centre on Poynters Road at any time and we can also a dedicated website at full of information to help carers in Luton”. He added that “We also can go to meet carers at their home or they can come to The Disability Resource Centre to join our workshops for wellbeing including meditation and mindfulness and a whole host of other training courses, all free for carers”.

Rebecca has been going to The Disability Resource Centre to get some support from the team. She cares for her husband who has multiple conditions and said “After 4 years of caring for my husband I realised I needed a lot more TLC… I knew that if I didn’t get help then I would end up isolated and quite unwell myself”. Rebecca contacted Levi at The Disability Resource Centre and suggests to other carers “that if you can get some help, just to make contact or come to one course or one event then it can really help”.